The Artist is Present, Limited Edition Wallpaper, Max 100 m, Produced by Studiocurart, 2019.

The Artist is Present is a limited edition wallpaper by Lebanese artist Sirine Fattouh composed of a pattern of 10 original drawings.

Sirine Fattouh revised the history of conceptual art from a feminist perspective. She drew herself in the same position than the famous performance artists, who are for some, her mentors such as Orlan and some others, artists she admires.

These drawings although naifs are several homages to artists who played a key role in contemporary art such as : Valie Export, Orlan, Klein, Duchamp, Oppenheim, Shadi Ghadirian, Chris Burden, Niki De Saint-Phalle and in other moments there are attacks as the one on Koons. 

The reference to Orlan’s performance, Le Baiser de l’artiste, which took place during one of the famous editions of the French art fair FIAC, particularly inspired Fattouh. Orlan would offer a kiss to any visitor giving her 5 franc and as a result of this radical gesture, Orlan lost her job as a teacher.

The title of this wallpaper work makes another reference to the famous performer Marina Abramovic and her performance at MoMa The artist is present .

Although looking at others, Fattouh chose to put herself in the center of this work, as a reflection on her roles as an artist, a feminist, an LGBQT activist, a researcher since these roles evolve in the constantly shifting realities of the Middle East .

These editions of wallpapers are an act of « détournement » of a decorative object such as the wallpaper turning it into an artwork. The wallpaper acts as a storyteller, a space for experimental exploration and self-expression.